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Intergrated Golf Studio Solutions

Golf Swing Studio Case Study







This generic study is simply a means with which to evaluate a (non exhaustive) list of applications, that can generate business revenues, with the a Bespoke Golf Swing Studio Simulator designed & built by Golf Studio Design



Custom Fitting


With the average price of a new Driver being upwards of £300, and a full set of Irons significantly more,as an example. Many golfers are seeking the very best performance from their new purchase. By offering a custom fitting service & charging a nominal fee, for example £25 for the service giving your business a significant advantage over local competitors unable to offer such a fundamental fitting service in today’s ever evolving golfing market place.


The introduction of existing customers to a custom fitting experience also encourages the very same customers to further their game, by taking coaching lessons in the Golf Studio, added further by exploring all the other benefits available.


  •  Club Comparisons
  •  Gapping sessions
  •  Ball Fitting
  •  Precise loft & lie adjustments


Golf Studio Simulator


4 customers hire the Golf Studio at a rate of £40 per hour to play one of their favourite courses, this will invariably take approximately 1.5 hours – 2 hours to complete, thus generating revenue of £60 for 90 minutes this equates to only £15 per person.


Affording a conservative take up on this service of only 3 groups of 4 players playing 18 holes per week would generate revenue of 3 groups x £60 per group (for 18 holes) = £180 x 48 weeks = £8640


Late Night Opening


Offering only 2 late night course simulator opening nights per week 18.00 – 21.00 for example, could potentially generate, dependent on location & assuming on Golf Studio hourly charge out rate of £40 (simulator hire) based on 60% take up of late night opening hours


2 hours use per late night opening 4 hours x £40 = £160 x 48 weeks = £7680


E6 Cloud based Online Golf Tournaments


Stage weekly or monthly online golf tournaments for customers to play against other competitors from around the world. This is a new application & a potential source of further maximising revenue streams of the Golf Studio.



Virtual Driving Range


With existing Driving Range’s charging anywhere from £3 -£5 for range balls dependent on location. Making your Golf Studio available to members for 10 – 15 minute slots, therefore allowing a virtual driving range & warm up facility, could potentially generate an additional £20 - £30 per hour revenue dependent on time slot length. All within an air conditioned indoor Golf Studio environment 365 days of the year.


2 hours use 8 x 15 minute slots @ £5 = £40 x 48 weeks = £1920


2 hours use 12 x 10 minute slots @ £5 = £60 x 48 weeks= £2880


Golf coaching with only existing outdoor facilities


Golf coaching with only outdoor facilities, represents another major revenue issue to Golfing Professionals. The impact the weather can have on coaching revenue can be significant, especially throughout the winter months.

An assumption that the majority of Golf Clubs consist of a Head Professional, added further by an Assistant Professional. One day of downtime due to bad weather could potentially incur a loss of revenue applicable to each Professional on average of 6 x 30 minute teaching lessons per day, which would be forced to be cancelled.


Head Coach 6 lessons @ £25 = £150 x 20 days down time per annum = £3000 *

Assistant Coach 6 lessons @ £20 = £120 x 20 days down time per annum = £2400 *


*The above calculation assumes a conservative downtime due to weather per annum of only 20 days



Winter Coaching program


With an Indoor Golf Studio you can also offer a full winter coaching package which would have previously been limited or very restricted due to the weather constraints and limited daylight.


Golf Studio Promotion


  • Gift Voucher sessions
  • Offering customers discounted forward purchase deals
  • Loyalty schemes to frequent customers


Overheads and Consumables


  • Website & Advertising
  • Lighting & Power
  • Heating
  • Internet Hosting & Advertising
  • Projector Lamp replacement approx. ( 6000 hours)
  • Replacement of Impact Screen (18 months +)
  • Rotation & replacement of hitting mat
  • Golf ball rotation & replacement
  • Cleaning & General Maintenance