Example of a Golf simulator studio inside a house or office

Man or
Woman Cave.

All you need is a space that you can call your own.
If you’ve got a room depth of more than 5m and enough height to comfortably swingyour driver,  you’re there. We can come and build your home golf simulator in its entirety for you.

At Home

You can have your own home golf simulator. It’s easy to set up and with the extraordinary detail courtesy of the TrackMan Performance Studio, you’ll be transported to some of the best practice tools and the best courses in the world. Practice. Play. And have lots of family fun.


Maybe you’re cramped for space. Why not have your dream Cabin built in your Gaarden, if you’ve got a building of suitable dimensions in your garden, we can fit a sim for you too. Enjoy the great outdoors!

Example of a Golf simulator studio inside a house or office
Example of a Golf simulator studio inside a house or office


This is corporate entertainment with a difference. Your own simulator, at work, and perfect for helping to seal the big deal. Team building for your staff……. It definitely beats the meeting room. 

Your clients will love it.

Clubs and
Fitting Studios

The TrackMan Performance Studio provides a complete club and fitting experience that analyzes your shot-making to give a tailored service unique to you. It’s powered by technology. And it’s on the money.


If you’re in the hospitality sector, you’ll know guests want more from their experience. And what would be better than your own sim facility in your hotel lobby? Keep them happy. Keep them playing. Keep them coming.

Example of a Golf simulator studio inside a house or office
Woman smiling with the trackman 4 simulator in the background


Your own on-site sim facility is just the thing your company might need. It’s good for morale. It’s good for balance. And it’s good for keeping staff happy. It might even help in the battle for talent. That’s cost-effective. That’s good for productivity.


A TrackMan-powered sim is your commercial centre’s best guarantee of year-round income. You can ensure footfall stays steady through the season. Host events. Use the Christmas season to host company parties with a difference. It’s revenue. It’s a better bottom line.

We would love to hear about your project!