Why use
Trackman iO?

Indoor, Optimised.

Trackman iO is our first purpose-built product for the indoor game,

The Trackman iO offers a compact, ceiling-mounted design that frees up space on the floor for a clean and elegant simulator setup, with no need for additional lighting.

This game-changing product is revolutionising the indoor golf game.

With Trackman iO all you need is enough room to swing a club, there are no minimum distance requirements in front of or behind the ball. 

A man getting ready to hit the golf ball, as the Trackman 4 analyses

You Can

The Professional Choice for Indoor Golf

Trackman iO combines radar, infrared and high-speed imaging to deliver real game data that includes measured 3D spin and spin axis in real-time. Get game data that you can trust with Trackman’s Patented optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT)

For A
New Viewpoint

Trackman iO offers a whole new take on indoor golf, unlike our Trackman 4 solution, the Trackman iO is a ceiling-mounted offering without the need for additional lighting. 

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Get An Insight Into TrackMan iO

  • Optimised for indoor golf
  • Great for casual practice
  • Ceiling mounted
  • No extra lighting needed
  • Patented optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT)
  • Trackman Performance Studio (TPS) and powerful mobile apps

With Golf Studio Design & TrackMan, together we can improve your game! Watch our informative video to learn more!