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Bespoke Golf Studio


Developing bespoke Golf Swing Studio Solutions and Services for Professional & Private Clients.

Golf Studio Design provide a comprehensive consultation service with each of our clients to determine your specific needs for a Golf Swing Studio or Indoor Golf Simulator, making plain all of the available options and requirements to meet your needs.

Our goal is to integrate your objectives with our knowledge and experience to create a concise brief for your simulator, before starting work on detailed provisional drawings and itemising your quote.

Our team is on hand for every step of the design journey, conducting site visits, taking detailed measurements and offering expert knowledge along the way.

A man getting ready to hit the golf ball, as the Trackman 4 analyses
Man testing out his golfing swing on the trackman 4 golf simulator


Specialist Tradesmen, Expert Knowledge.
Golf Studio Design work through a single point-of-contact system to streamline our services for our customers and clients. All installation work is carried out by our own trusted team of specialist tradesmen.

Here’s just some of what we offer:

  • Hitting Matt, Putting Turf and Contract Flooring
  • Bespoke Impact Screen Construction
  • Studio Solutions High Performance IT Suite
  • Display Solutions
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Video Capture Solutions
  • Work Station construction
  • Full Vinyl wall coverings
  • Branding / Signage
  • Full Commissioning of all Studio Applications
  • On-Site Client Training Session of Golf Studio functions



Let Our Expert Knowledge Work For You Or Your Business.

We provide a Golf Swing Studio Consultancy service that enables clients to integrate all specific design elements within their project. This service ensures clients obtain an optimal blueprint for their Golf Swing Studio before starting the planning and building process.

Our approach involves full integration of all Golf Studio elements, from planning to handover, resulting in a seamless installation. We have observed numerous Golf Swing Studio rooms in different stages of development, often with design flaws that negatively impact performance and project budgets. These flaws could have been avoided with proper planning, saving costs associated with rectifying the design issues.

One common issue we encounter is clients having completed Golf Swing Studio rooms with excessive ceiling heights. Addressing this one design element alone can lead to significant cost savings, including reduced heating expenses in the future.

Different Trackman 4 courses